The Interreg IPA CBC Programme


The INTERREG IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme "Greece - Republic of North Macedonia 2014-2020" is a cross-border cooperation Programme co-financed by the European Unionunder the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II). The strategy statement of theProgramme is “to enhance territorial cohesion by improving living standards andemployment opportunities holding respect to the environment and by using the naturalresources for upgrading of the tourism product”. The total budget of the Programme for theperiod 2014-2020 is 45.470.066,00 €.

COMETECH project at a glance


The "Continuity of care in MEtabolic diseases through modern TECHnology" (COMETECH) project, founded by Interreg IPA Cross‐border Cooperation Programme "Greece - Republic of North Macedonia 2014-2020", proposes electronic medical information and communication technologies to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants of the two targeted areas. Medical information is transferred through interactive audiovisual media for the purpose of consulting, and sometimes remote medical procedures or examinations.

COMETECH project lasts 2 years and the total budget is: 1,018,189 €. International Hellenic University - Department of Nursing is the lead partner with a budget of 556.414,00. Florina Prefectural General Hospital (86.289,00€) and Medical Association of Thessaloniki (54.000,00€) are also participate from Greece as well as two hospitals from Republic of North Macedonia: Clinical Hospital Bitola (165.758,00€) and General Hospital Veles (155.728,00€).


COMETECH project aims to:

  • Improve quality of healthcare through more personalised, continuous, efficient and responsive services.

  • Improve access to healthcare for patients living in underserved areas, and to a lesser extent, for socio-economically disadvantaged patients.

  • Foster patient adherence because of the higher involvement of patients in the disease management process.

  • Help patients and health professionals stay more regularly in touch, which is a fundamental condition for maintaining trust.

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