LB (PP1) International Hellenic University Greece
PP2 Florina Prefectural General Hospital Greece
PP3 Medical Association of Thessaloniki Greece
PP4 Clinical Hospital Bitola Republic of North Macedonia
PP5 General Hospital Veles Republic of North  Macedonia


The management and coordination of the project will be implemented under the Project Office at Department of Nursing in IHU that will be responsible for the strategic direction of the project, its work programme and impact. It has an advisory role and includes also external experts spanning the main topics covered by the project.


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It is managed by the Project Coordinator (PCo), Prof. Kyriakos Kazakos consisted of the Work Package Leaders and assisted by the following management structures that will be setup with the start of the project:

  • Project Management Board (PMB): chaired by the PCo responsible for monitoring of project progress, financial administration and resource monitoring to maintain the financial and administrative matters and conflict resolution.

  • Research Board (RB): chaired by the Research Coordinator (RCo) and members 1 person from each research organisation, responsible for monitoring the project’s progress on the research areas and evaluating the final results.

  • Technical Board (TB): chaired by the Technical Coordinator (TCo) As. Prof. Dimitris Folinas who is responsible for: co-ordination, monitoring and supervision of the overall technical work; resolution of technical issues; and solution fine-tuning.

  • Dissemination Board (DB): chaired by the Dissemination Coordinator (DCo) Prof. Kyriakos Kazakos is responsible for the co-ordination, monitoring and supervision of the dissemination activities; organisation of workshops and other dissemination events; and project results dissemination.

  • Quality Assurance & Control Board (QA&CB): directed by the Quality Assurance & Control Coordinator (QA&Co) As. Prof. Dimitris Folinas who is responsible for: issuing the quality plan; and supervising the implementation of the quality plan. All the above structures report directly to the Project Office at Department of Nursing/IHU which will act as the information and communication hub to the beneficiaries. Moreover, there will be at least 2 project meetings per year.

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