The outputs that are anticipated to be developed (for every work package, WP) after the successful completion of the project are the following:

WP1: Project management and coordination: Four (4) coordination meetings to monitor and control the status of the project and to exchange experience between the partners.

WP2: Communication and dissemination:

  1. One (1) website developed and maintained by the coordinator providing the information about the project and the link to the web application. Moreover, it will act as an information portal providing updated information on DM, Obesity and CVD.

  2. One thousand leaflets providing information about the above diseases.

  3. Two (2) joint workshops and training seminars on the targeted issues .

WP3: Identification of user and infrastructure requirements:

  1. One (1) report identifying the technical and functional qualifications of the medical devices.

  2. One (1) report providing reference models that standardize the required steps for the effective use of the medical devices and the software application.

  3. One (1) report that includes the users’ requirements regarding the usage of the e-health units and specifically the software application and the medical devices.

WP4: Procurement and development of the infrastructure: 4-8 specialized medical devices that equip each e-health unit. Assembly of the four e-health units, which will be developed according to 3 reports of the previous WP. Required infrastructure (hardware and software) of the one control unit per country where the servers will be installed.

WP5: Implementation of the pilot plan: One (1) report that includes the records of the patients’ medical data and their repationship with regional environmental data. One (1) report including the assessment and analysis of the pilot observations.

WP6: Development of the final product. The final proposed project's infrastructure.

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