PHO Clinical hospital “Dr.Trifun Panovski” Bitola

The Clinical Hospital Bitola is built with technical features and capacity to deliver health services to approximately 300,000 patients from the southwestern region of FYROMacedonia.The Clinical Hospital of Bitola is a system that follows patients through a specialist-consultative activity to total prevention, diagnosis, curing, treatment and rehabilitation. Clinical hospital Bitola is the leader in health care system in south-west region of FYROMacedonia on secondary level. Our hospital consists twenty four medical departments with 520 beds capacity,including unique departments out of Skopje like Oncology and Nuclear medicine. Number of inpatients is approximately 18,000 and 320,000 outpatients per year, using medical services from 140 doctors specialists.

Few years ago the Clinical Hospital had received new medical equipment from the Government, worth 5-6 million euros. Also: magnetic-resonance imaging; 64 slice computer tomography; laser device for destruction of kidney stones; 4D ultrasound equipment for gynecology and cardiology and respiratory, incubators, respiratory machines. CHB is financed by The National health fund (approximately 10,000,000 Euros per year), funds by the private patients and donations. Concerning the metabolic diseases, we have well organized diabetis center where four doctors specialists for diabetology working with patients on detecting and treating diabetes. Also they have electronic register of these patients and continuosly following patients condition.

Dr. Meri Dzarlieva

  • Profession: : Doctor with specialty in n Pediatrics
  • Position in the institution: Head of the Second Care Unite of Neonatology, Clinical Hospital, Bitola
  • Position in the program: Scientific director
  • Tel.: +38975237486
  • Email:

Dr. Meri Dzarlieva is a MD pediatrican - Head of the Second Care Unite of Neonatology. She is qualified and experienced pediatrician specialised in neonatology; national educator in perinatology and primary medical licence examiner for newly qualified doctors

Mrs. Biljana Hristovska

  • Profession: Electrotehnical engineer - informatics and automatic
  • Position in the institution: Head of IT department
  • Position in the program: Contact person and consultant
  • Tel.: +389 47 243 359
  • Email:

Mrs. Biljana Hristovska is a project manager for CHB In charge for hospital IT sector on management level. In last few years working as coordinator for CHB on implementations of some projects from Ministry of health and National health fund. The most relevant experience for both is successfully done past project “Childrenhealth” 2012-2013 under the Interreg IPA CBC programming Greece-The FYROMacedonia 2007 -2013,which main goals were detection ,prevention of Cardio vasculary diseases and healthy life in children population between 8 and 12 years.

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