Scientific papers

Identifying User Requirements for an Integrated E-Health Unit for Diabetes Mellitus. Maria Tzilini, Dimitris Folinas and Kyriakos Kazakos, Diabetology 2021, 2(2), 65-76

Identifying functional and non-functional specifications of a telehealth software application for diabetes mellitus. Dimitris Folinas, Maria Tzilini & Kyriakos Kazakos, Diabetes Manag (2021) 11(7), 245–253,

Skin Autofluorescence a Non-Invasive Biomarker of Advanced Glycation End-Products and Its Association to Metabolic Parameters in a Greek Diabetic Population. Kyriakos Kazakos, Maria Tzilini, Dimitris Folinas, Maria Chatzidimitriou, Vassills Papaliangas.

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