General Hospital Veles

Public Health Organisation General Hospital Veles was founded in 1946 as City Hospital for Patients with Tuberculosis. The firm building was built in 1965. In 1976 A, B and C tracts were built as addition to the previous building and it functioned as a whole together with Public Health Organisation Medicinal Centre Veles. Starting from 1st Junce, 2005, with the Amendments to the Law of Healthcare, it functions as General Hospital Veles, with Prvision 1-10226/24 from 10.12.2004 issued by the Ministry of Health of R. Macedonia. PHO General Hospital Veles, with the capacity of 285 hospital beds is a working environment of specialist, consultative and hospital departments that give services of secondary level of 10% of the Macedonian population, i.e. to the population of Municipality of Veles, Chashka, Gradsko and Rosoman, of Vardar Region as well as settlements that naturally belong to the City of Veles, according to the censure in 2002. General aim of PHO General Hospital Veles, as a public health institution of secondary level in our country, is giving diagnosis and treatment to patients in its specialist ambulances, departments, laboratory and radio diagnosis. The working hours are organized in 13 departments (anesthesiology with intensive care, isolation departments, pediatrics, surgery, urology, orthopedic with trauma centre, genecology and obstetrics, internal, neurology, psychiatric ailments with centre for addictions, physical medicine and rehabilitation, ORL and ophthalmology. Furthermore, there are 6 departments (radio diagnosis, biochemistry laboratory, pathology, ATD, skin and venereal diseases and hospital pharmacy. There are also 3 administrative technical services (legal service, economy-financial service and technical service).

Dr. Dimitar Strovjanoski

  • Profession: Doctor with specialty in Urology
  • Position in the institution: function Director of the PHI General Hospital Veles
  • Position in the program: Scientific director
  • Tel.: +38975779477
  • Email:

Dr. Dimitar Strovjanoski was born on December 7, 1960, in Veles from parents – medics, mother Zlata, senior nurse, and father Stefan, doctor of medical sciences, infectologist. He finished primary and secondary education in Veles, with excellent success, and he finished higher education at the Faculty of Medicine in Skopje, in 1985. He started his work experience in the emergency medical assistance as an on-site doctor, then he was working as a “factory” doctor, and in 1988 he started his specialization in urology. At the age of 31 he was already a surgeon-urologist and in addition to the most common surgeries of the prostate and calculosis of the urinary tract, he expanded his activity with surgeries of congenital malformations of the urinary tract in male children, as well as surgeries in the field of urogynecology. After 7 years of specialist activity, he established the Department of Urology, and he managed this department in the following 11 years. Dr. Strovjanoski also developed endourology with a procurement of complete endourological equipment without a burden both to the hospital and the state budget, and in the new millennium he introduced the modern treatments of prostate diseases, calculosis of the urinary tract and bladder tumors (TURP, TURBT, lithotripsy in calculosis with lithoclast). He also introduced the minimally invasive methods in urogynecology (stress incontinence, bladder prolapses). Dr. Strovjanoski realized study stays in the Clinical Center Ljubljana in 2000 and 2014, and in the Erasmus Hospital of the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, in 2001 and 2006, for a period of 3 months, where he was educated in the field of endourology, laser surgery of the prostate, but also robotic surgery of the urogenital tract. Since 2017 Dr. Strovjanoski performs the function Director of the PHI General Hospital Veles.

Mr. Blagoj Angelovski

  • Profession: lawer
  • Position in the institution: Head of law department in PHI General hospital Veles
  • Position in the program: Consyltant and contact person
  • Tel+389 43 231 322
  • Email:

Mr. Blagoj Angelovski is the Chief of Law department in the PHI General hospital Veles. He has a Bachelor of law - faculty of law Iustinianus Primus, from the University Ss.Cyril and Methodius - Skopje, and a Master of Laws LL.M from the same institution.

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