Working Packages & Deliverables
WP1_Project Management & Coordination
   D.1.1.Preparation Activities
   D.1.2.Organizational meetings in Greece and The Republic of North Macedonia
   D.1.3.Coordination meetings in Greece and  The Republic of North Macedonia
   D.1.4.Monitor project progress / Quality assurance
   D.1.5.Financial management / Audit / Financial reports
WP2_Communication & Dissemination
   D.2.1.Web site development and regular maintenance
   D.2.2.Design, printing and distribution of posters and brochures describing the project concept in both languages
   D.2.3.Regional mini workshops describing the project concept and project results
   D.2.4.Publication of news items and peer-reviewed international journals or conferences
   D.2.5.Final event
WP3_Identification of user and infrastructure requirements
   D.3.1.Identification of e-health units' requirements -usability issues
   D.3.2.Identification of medical devices’ requirements -medical issues
   D.3.3.Identification of software functionalities
WP4_Procurement and development of the infrastructure
   D.4.1.Purchase and install of medical devices
   D.4.2.Purchase and install of hardware and networking infrastructure
   D.4.3.Development and install of software application
WP5_Implementation of the pilot plan
   D.5.1.Implementation of the pilot plan
   D.5.2.Evaluation of the pilot plan (e-health units and software application)
   D.5.3.Environmental data collection and correlation with Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular disease
WP6_Development of the final product
   D.6.1.Development of the final version of the e-health units and software
   D.6.2.Development of sustainability plan
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