The main objectives of COMETECH are to:

  • Support a collaboration between research teams from the Republic of North Macedonia and Greece of scientists from different scientific fields (such as doctors, biologists, etc.) and closer cooperation among the two national health care systems so as to develop a common strategy for prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of Obesity, DM and CardioVascular Disease (CVD).

  • Raise awareness of the local and national authorities regarding the above issues.

  • Inform the regional population on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of DM, Obesity and CVD. By improving their knowledge, it will be easier to promote primary care throughout the target region and mount behavior modification campaigns that target key health issues (such as being active, healthy eating, cessation of smoking, etc.).

  • Identify the environmental and other risk factors that are involved in the development of DM, Obesity and CVD in the population that will participate in the project.

  • Facilitate access for doctors on both sides of the border to their patients' data through telemedicine.

  • Develop four e-health units equipped by hi-technology medical devices and supported by an advanced software application for ensuring "Continuity of Care" through telemedicine. The important innovation of COMETECH in the area of public health is that it makes the people involved-both patients and health care providers, which is an integral and substantial part of the process of data collection throughout the monitoring of a particular condition.

  • Support the life-long education of the COMETECH involved population and medical practitioners by utilizing their telemedical interaction with experts as the means for training. The better education of the primary care physicians will also ensure that fewer mistakes are made while better care is provided on both sides of the border. This will increase patient confidence and assure them that they receive the best available treatment.

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